Bird Watching In Murchison Falls National Park

Bird Watching In Murchison Falls National Park

Where To Do In Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park, is the largest conservation area having spectacular scenery and abundant attractions with lots of activities to do and lots of thing to see ranging from the mighty Murchison falls, wide array of bird life, various animal species to different primate species have rendered the park the top most visited in the country. The park boosts with a huge number of travelers visiting the country and engaging in various activities in the park.
Murchison Falls national park covers an area of nearly 4000 sq. Km, and offering some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. The park has a variety of unique habitats and lots of wonderful birds. Birding in Murchison Falls National Park is adorned by the abundant wildlife, scenic landscape and the spectacular waterfall from which the park derives its name and lot more attractions seen in the park.

Murchison Falls National Park prides itself in its attractions. The park’s vegetation has greatly benefited from reduced grazing pressure from the animals, the also boost with the great number of smaller animals and many different bird species . From the park headquarters at Paraa on the southern bank of the Victoria Nile, a stroll through the dry thorn scrub between Red Chilli and the ferry crossing will avail the opportunity of sighting the silver bird, chestnut crowned sparrow weaver, blue napped mousebird among others. This spot is one of the most reliable ones for the localised white-eyed seedeater.

Along the main road of Paraa, you will come in to conduct with nocturnal birds such as; spotted Verreaux’s eagle owls and a plethora of spectacular nightjar such as plains, long-tailed and pennant winged. Birders who embark on a nocturnal boat trip on the Nile in search of the white-bellied night heron and pel’s fishing owl have a fascinating experience on the longest river in the world. Although the birds roost in dense water side vegetation and are rarely seen during the day, the elusive birds are common in the ample habitat upstream of Paraa.

A trip on the Nile boat guarantees visitors with a great chance of spotting the Shoebill stork, an extraordinary bird. The Shoebill share the island with Goliath heron, Grey-Cheeked crane, long toed plover among others. The thick riverine forest in the immediate vicinity of the Nile Safari Lodge is home for the Yellow-throated leaf love and the uncommon red winged grey warbler. These birds may be seen from the balconies of the luxury tents overlooking the river.
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