Murchison Falls National Park

The World’s Most Powerful Waterfall

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the idea openers in Uganda and led to the conservation of wildlife in national parks in 1952. At Murchison Falls, the River Nile squeezes through an 8m wide gorge and plunges with a thunderous roar into the “Devil’s Cauldron”, creating a trademark rainbow that dominates the northern end of the Albertine Rift Valley bringing tourists to the largest and oldest conservation area with 80km stretch of rapids and most remarkable wildlife spectacles

Visit to the Top of the Falls

Hiking the Top Of The Falls Trail

The Top Of the Falls Hike exposes you to the Wonderous Gorge in the Mother Nature Of Africa known as the Pearl Of Africa, This Magnifest hike which takes 45 minutes to reach the top of the Murchison Falls is the same which introduces you to the history of Winston Churchill and since the trail was named after him: “Winston Churchill Trail,” He’s the first explorer to hike the falls in 1907. The wonderful uncomparable feeling of An Adventure Starts at the great Murchison falls

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Guide To Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls | Top Of The Falls | River Nile Boat | Murchison Game Drives

Murchison Falls National Park is popularly known for having the world’s most powerful waterfall that emits large volumes of with powerful pressure that cause the surrounding to tremble, Murchison national park is known to be one of the best game parks to visit while in Uganda. The park is famous for hosting the Big five game which you will get to see during your safari visit in the park, Murchison national park, is also situated in the Murchison Conservation Area where the Bugungu and Karuma wildlife reserves are also located.
The park is endowed with several attractions and various activities to be done while in the park, the park is a host to over 76 mammal species with four members of the big five game (the lion, the leopards, the elephants, and the Buffaloes) and the Rhinos are found at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary located enroute to Murchison falls national park. you can track the Rhinos and proceed to Murchison falls where you see many other animal species include; bushbucks, Uganda Kob, waterbucks and warthogs, giraffes, Jackson’s hartebeest, hyenas etc. Along the shores of the Nile and within the waters you will see lots of hippos and crocodiles, different bird species among other resident creatures. The park is also a host to other primates such as; baboons and several monkey species, the chimpanzee found in Budongo forest.
Besides the wildlife and the primate species, Murchison falls national park, is also home to over 450 recorded bird’s species including the rare shoebill stork. The park is also home to 23 Albertine rift endemics, water birds and forest birds including; enegal thick-knee, Black-headed lapwing, Abyssinian ground hornbill, Blue-headed coucal, Standard-winged nightjar, Denham’s bustard, Grey-headed kingfisher, Long-tailed nightjar, Long-toed lapwing among others. With the help of the expert guide, our Murchison falls birding safaris allow you see many of these bird species and many other attractions in the park.

The highlight of your tour in Murchison falls National Park is visiting the “Murchison Falls” a point along the Nile, found within the park where River Nile forces its way through a narrow gorge of 8 meters wide and falling down with a thunderous roar forming a rainbow-like structure. This is one the powerful water falls in Uganda who will visit during your safari tour to Murchison falls national park. The launch trip up stream is very interesting and offers magnificent views of the water falls where you will also see several wildlife species found along the shores including; Buffaloes, large concentration of Hippos, Crocodiles, waterbucks, kobs antelopes, warthogs and several bird’s species.

We offer several Murchison Falls Safaris with the most popular packages being the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari, 3 Days Murchison Falls Tour, 4 Days Murchison falls wildlife Safari, 5 Days Murchison Falls and Gorilla tour. Check in to our websites for more information on Murchison falls safaris. Also note that; all itineraries to Murchison falls national falls park can be tailored depending on the interest of the clients.

What To See In Murchison Falls National Park

The Murchison Falls

The Murchison falls, is a highlight of any itinerary in Murchison Falls National Park, the activity involves viewing the magnificent water falls visiting the falls to see high volumes of water from the Victoria Nile forces its way through an approximately 7-meter-wide gorge to plunge 43 meters below into a pool and dropping down and forming powerful water fall with a thunderous roar with a splashing cloud of fog. This experience offers a breath-taking view worth enjoying.

The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

This private non-profit project was established in 2005 to revive the population of the white rhino in Uganda following the intense poaching which led to the extinction of the Rhinos from Murchison falls national park and Kidepo valley National Park. Therefore, the sanctuary was set up with the aim of multiplying the Rhinos before they are re-introduced in the national parks where they first lived.
The poaching happened during the 1990s that totally depleted this species from the Murchison Falls and Kidepo National parks where these animals previously lived. Today the sanctuary has got currently 22 white Rhinos, which you will enjoy while on your Rhino tracking in Uganda. You can visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary as its independent safari or visit it on your way to or from the Murchison falls national park.
There are many accommodation facilities ranging from budget, mid-range and Luxury facilities designed to meet both the interest of the local and international clients. Some of the lodges include; Amuka lodge, Rhino guest house, Ziwa Rhino lodge among others and many other lodges at situated within and outside Murchison falls national park

The Rich Wildlife

The park is covered with diverse vegetation ranging from woodlands, savannah and riverine forests has acted as a home to great diversity of animals and many other bird species. Which you will be able to see during the game drives in the park and launch cruise on the river Nile including; the Uganda Kobs, Hartebeests, lions, elephants, leopards, Rothschild giraffes, buffaloes, cheetahs, and hyenas among many others. The has got also many different bird species seen during the game drives and the boat cruise, the bird’s species include; the rare shoebill stork, the Goliath heron, the yellow footed fly catcher, African jacana, Abyssinian ground hornbill, pitta as well as the pied giant and malachite kingfisher among the over 451 species.

Game drives; Game Drives in Murchison falls, are conducted both morning and evening game drives, early morning game drives is the perfect time to catch up with the early risers before they retire to their hideouts. The evening game drive in the park gives you a great opportunity to enjoy up-close views of the different nocturnal animals. Delta area, Buligi Peninsular and the southern sector are the main game viewing areas with the highest concentration of different mammal species.

Launch Trip: This 2-hour launch trip begins at Paraa area and offers an opportunity to view the game and water animals up close within our boat, during the boat trip, you will be able to see various wildlife including large numbers of giant crocodiles, hippos, buffalos and various birds like the rare shoebill stork among others.

Things To Do In Murchison Falls National Park

Chimpanzee Tracking:

chimpanzee trekking in Murchison falls is done within the verdant forest of budongo, the forest has got a number of habituated Chimpanzee opened to trekkers for Gorilla trekking. Tracking the chimps require a tracking permit where you will get to spend one with these primates in their natural habitat.

Hot Air Balloon Safari:

you can also explore the stunning attractions in the park on Hot Air Balloon from which you will enjoy an aerial view of the park’s beautiful landscape and large numbers of wildlife seen from the ground. This ride costs between $380 and $400.

Bird Watching:

Murchison falls national park, has got various bird species which can be seen during the launch cruise in river Nile and the game drives in the park. With various species including, water birds, savanna forest birds and Albertine Rift endemics offer great opportunity for the birders.

Cultural Tours:

Organised by the Boomu women, you will get to enjoy energetic cultural dances as you sit by a campfire, village tours to see the traditional lifestyle of the locals and the crafts shop by the Boomu Women’s Group.

Nature Walks & Hikes:

Nature walks in Murchison falls national park are taken on different trails, landscapes and varied scenery of the park’s conservation area, with the help of the ranger guide, you will explore different trails on foot through Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo Forests. During the walk, you will be able to see lots of primates and bird’s species like the rare shoebill. Proceed to the top of the fall and there after the tourists can walk back to the boat, the nature walk lasts for about 45min to 1hour.

Wildlife In Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park, s one among of the most visited national parks for wildlife safaris in Uganda, the park boots with the highest number of mammal species. The park is a home 76 animals’ species among which are four the ‘Big Five’ game including buffaloes, leopards, lions and elephants (except rhinos), the has also got three-quarters of the world’s population of Rothschild giraffes plus many other animal species including; the Uganda Kobs, bushbucks, waterbucks, Jackson heartbeats, warthogs, bush pigs’ antelopes among others. Many of the animals can be seen here during your safari visit in Murchison falls national park.

The park is also endowed with primate’s species living within its verdant forests, with in the Budongo forest, there over 610 chimpanzees which is one of the destinations in Uganda to do chimpanzee trekking in addition, there are also 451 bird species including 23 Albertine rift endemics.

Getting There

Location of Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park, lies on the norther arm of the Albertine Rift Valley with its terrain bisected by the Victoria Nile. The park is also located in northern Uganda, northwest of Kampala the capital city of Uganda and extends its boundaries to the district Nwoya, Masindi, Kiryandongo and Bulisa.

Best time to visit

Although the park is open to visitors all year round, the best time to visit 5Murchison Falls National Park is in the dry season from December to mid-February, and June to July while bird watching can best be done in the wet season when the migratory birds are around.

By Road

Driving time from Kampala to the Murchison Falls National Park headquarters in Paraa is roughly 4-6 hours (305 km) (85km from Masindi).

Via the southern gates is the most direct way to get to Murchison National Park from Kampala (Kichumbanyobo and Masindi South Gate).

As an alternative, the northern gates (Purongo or Takigate-Packwach) are also a fantastic choice because, while being farther away, they lead directly to the park’s most fascinating areas.

By Air

You can take a chartered airplane or the daily scheduled trip from Kajjansi Airfield near Kampala to the park.

It takes slightly under an hour to fly.

Due to its proximity to the park’s administrative center and the primary lodging, Pakuba is the airstrip that is easiest to access.

You might even take a plane to Chobe or Bugundu.

Entebbe To Murchison Luxury Travel

Scheduled flights departing from Entebbe International Airport are the most convenient option for travel.

Daily flights are available to and from Murchison Falls, with stops in Pakuba, Chobe, or Bugundu. It takes one hour to fly.

A direct flight from Pakuba Airfield can be arranged if your next destination is the Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth National Park, or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

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